Quick Ways to Prepare and Protect Yourself from Ransomware

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Prevent Ransomware Attacks

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Ransomware is an increasingly prevalent cyber threat throughout the world. During a ransomware attack, Attackers hold a PC or files hostage and demand owners pay a ransom to get their files back.

Ransomware is transferred just like a normal computer virus, through email attachments, file transfers. Another way ransomware is transmitted are dirty USBs or downloads from websites. While there is a misconception that having anti-virus software is enough to stop ransomware from occurring, this is not the case. Having anti-virus software is not enough to stop the highly evolved ransomware attackers.

What to do if you get attacked:

Immediately disconnect from the network & WiFi! If you suspect you are a victim of ransomware but have not seen the ransomware screen yet, you may be able to stop it before it can complete the encryption of your files. If you disconnect IMMEDIATELY, it may diminish damage.

Best ways to avoid an attack:

  1. Verify that you back-up your data. This is the single best way you can protect yourself. If you have a back up, if you become a victim of ransomware, you can just revert back to an earlier version of a document.
  2. Show hidden file extensions. An approach some attackers take is with files that have hidden extensions such as “.PDF.EXE,” since your computer usually has a default setting of not displaying the full file extension.
  3. Filter “.EXE” files in your email. It may be a good option to filter or deny emails with “.EXE” files, if your mailbox has that capability. As a result, this will ensure you do not open an email with a possibly encrypted file.
  4. Invest in cybersecurity. Significantly, this includes antivirus and active monitoring. Above all, use layering applications designed to prevent malware attacks, such as ransomware.

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Information provided by the Microsoft Security Portal.